Friday, December 31, 2010

Things I would like

to do....

I'm sitting here at 11:42pm on December 31, 2010 contemplating what 2011 might have in store for me.  I probably should have started thinking about this earlier so I could prepare but somehow i've fallen behind on many things during this holiday season.  It only occured to me that I never made what others call resolutions.  I am not going to call them that.  I am calling them "things I would like to do."

I think resolutions are things that you "Must" do.  These types of things you can fail at doing because you feel you have to for one reason or another.  If you make a list of things that you would "like" to do, you are saying you would "like" to do it rather than something you must do.  

My husband told me tonight that you can not fail at something if you are doing more than you are doing now.  For me this would be exercising.  If I exercised one day a week I am succeeding at what I would like to do, because it is one more day a week than I am currently doing.

I don't have my list of things all written out and I probably won't have a full list just now.  As the year goes on i'm sure i'll have completed some and will come up with more.

I do know that "I would like to" start blogging again here on One Retro Mama.  I have a few exciting things in the works and adventures I would like to share.

May your 2011 be better than your 2010!

Happy New Year from the land of the rising sun!

Less than 5 minutes to go for me!!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Moving on

Just a sad little note to leave you with.  I have decided after much thought that it is time for me to move on and close down this blog.  What once started out as a way to document my love of vintage/retro things has morphed into things that don't so much deal with vintage retro things.  :)

I feel that the name of my blog and all that it implies does not fit the whole me at this time.  I still LOVE vintage, retro and all that old time goodness but it isn't the only thing I do or love.

I am going to be importing my posts from here to my new blog so this blog will still be up for a bit but I won't be updating here anymore.

Feel free to join me, friend me and follow me over at my new blog.  I'm still sprucing it up.  That will take some time but I hope to make it feel like home soon.

I want to thank you for being a reader, a follower, a friend these past couple of years.  I've enjoyed reading your comments, visiting your blogs and getting to know you.  I would love to have you join me at the other blog.

Thank you!!!! 


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Organizing Toys

We are in the process of de-cluttering in our house.  We try to do this about every 2-3 months.  Well I have every intentions of doing it every 2-3 months but sometimes it goes longer than that.

Today I concentrated on the the littlest member of our house and his toy clutter.

This was the before picture (and kind of an after.  I had already purged about 1/2 of his toys a week ago)

And this is our after
I still have a rubbermaid tote sitting to the right of the cabinet that I still have to deal with.  It has legos and little animals in there.  Small things that really need to be put in something.  I'm going to buy some fabric boxes to put in the cabinet to hold these items.  Now he can get to things easier instead of playing with the same toys over and over.

I left the picnic table standing up behind the cabinet.  We can easily pull it out when needed.

Now I just need to get the toys out of his bedroom.  he he he  :)

It feels so much better when things have a place and there are not bits and bobs sitting out all the time.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Beach Party, Sunburn & Cake

This past weekend we celebrated at the beach my son turning two. I'm a little sad. He is my last child, my youngest, 3 of 3, the end, the final one and he is now 2 yrs old!
I love little babies and this little man is soooo awesome that I could have like 50 more of him if my body could handle it!! Even though he was still waking up every 2 1/2 hours at night until he was 15 months old I would do it again!

We rented a cabin at the beach and decorated it up

We went down to the beach and learned that the water is our friend.  :)

Then we decided we liked the fountain better than we do the beach today.

We topped that all off with cake!

I was up until midnight working on this cake.  I had intended to finish it before we went to the cabin but it just didn't happen.  So I took a few of my cake decorating supplies with me and did what I could with what I had. 
All of the decor was made out of fondant and gumpaste.  I used graham cracker crumbs for the sand.  The flowers are fabric and are attached using buttercream.  I was initially going to cover the cake with fondant for a smooth look but because the time was so late and I wanted the sides to resemble water I swirled buttercream over it and airbrushed it with blue.

Hows that for a made at the beach cake??

I ended up with a massive sunburn to my arms, chest and upper back.  Being the smart mom that I am I made sure the rest of my family was slathered in sunscreen.  And since I was just going to be the camera lady that morning I opted not to cover myself.  BAD IDEA!!!!  2 1/2 hours after the party began I finally went in out of the sun and realized my mistake. 

The agony!

I am finally moving out of the pain stage and into the still somewhat tender and certain places are starting to peel.  I have been applying an herbal ointment to keep my skin nourished but oh my the farmer's tan I will have!!!

Lesson learned!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bento Tuesday - June 8, 2010

My husband and I went on a little site-seeing adventure today.  We didn't plan to be out and about all day so we didn't take lunch with us.  Lucky for us it was Bento Tuesday so that gave us a good excuse to pick up a variety of things from the market.

Just a quick little warning.  We are going to look like pigs after you see the pictures.  Ha Ha we did not eat all of it and it was food for 3 people.  We didn't buy individual bento, we just shared everything.

These plastic containers are typical containers that you will find as "to go boxes" from restaurants as well as pre-made bento from the stores.

Fried chicken nuggets  my kids just love these!

My rice triangle with smoked salmon inside.  I love these things, they are so simple but very delicious!  I don't like mine cold but rather warm or at the very least room temp.
I think this was squid tempura.

Chicken Yakitori (kind of like kebobs) and our sushi rolls

 Gyoza  (Fried dumplings with a meat veggie filling)  My husband loves these.

Fish pancake                                         Sweet bean filling inside!  YUM!

Our fruit bowl. 

Oranges, Cherries, Pineapple

Everything was very delicious.  We did take some of it home to be enjoyed later.  Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures.  I used my Iphone to take the photos as I didn't want anymore stares than we were already getting.  LOL  It was bad enough we had that much food sitting out and were in a heavily congested tourist spot to boot.

I found a couple more little things that I picked up for our bento making stash.

top left item is a little bunny, heart, star, bear shaped piece that you add rice to and can then pop it out into those shapes.  The next two are little containers that you can add your sauce, salad dressing, mayo etc to.  cute little colorful containers don't you think?  And then last two items on the bottom are a fork and spoon set that have their own little covers

Do you bento?

Let me know if you do I would love to see what you are eating!  :)


Thursday, June 3, 2010

$25 or less

ALL YOU is running another Grocery Challenge this year. They are challenging the public to spend $25 or less per family member per week on groceries during a four-week period (June 20th – July 17th, 2010).

You can enter this challenge to try and win a $1000 grocery card and they will even be featuring the winner in the November issue.

Per the contest rules
Spending guidelines are: spend no more than $25 per family member per week on groceries for four weeks. Children under 12 months need not be included.
I have signed my family up for the challenge.  I have a family of 5 so we will be getting creative and forgoing our our eating out during this challenge.  Even better reason to continue with bento tuesday!!

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