Thursday, August 14, 2008

I might be in love with the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier

Ok this might be better than chocolate for me!! Ok it might be a close second!

I have been searching and searching for a baby carrier that didn't make you feel like a wrapped up mummy! Don't get me wrong I like the wraps and all but come on now do I really want to be out and about and have to put this thing on? For 1 it is so long that when putting it on it must lay on the ground... um hello ddddiiiiiiirrrrttttyyy!! And 2 if your baby is not placed inside it and you are walking around big dork just because you don't want to play the wrap me up game while out!!

So I stumbled across this new invention. Let me just say I wish that I had come up with this idea!!!

Its a wrap without all the wrapping. So if you are a big fan of wraps you'll be a big fan of the Baby K'tan baby carrier.

I have a preemie newborn, and most conventional carriers and not small enough for him or don't provide the support that he needs. I think this one might do the trick and be convenient for this Retro Mama!!

**I'd love to be testing this out for FREE if you know what I mean** ;) But alas I may just have to break out the card and buy me one!

I'll let you know from personal experience if it is worth the money, but they've already gotten big press and the celebs are using it. They probably don't need my two cents. LOL

Check them out

Advantages of the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

5 comfortable positions to conveniently carry babies in style - 5 carriers in one Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

• Easy to use; NO WRAPPING

• No buckles, rings snaps, clasps, bulky padding, metal or plastic

• Made entirely of 100% cotton knit fabric with cross-stretch

• Soft, breathable, machine washable and dryer safe

• Unique sliding lumbar band offers greater support for back and shoulders

• Creates ideal environment for premature babies and babies with special needs

• Discreetly nurse babies while on the go

• Unmatched double loop design holds baby more securely than traditional slings while distributing weight on both shoulders.

• Durable enough to carry babies and toddlers from birth to 40 pounds

• Chiropractor, physical and occupational therapist recommended

Baby K’tan, LLC is an environmentally friendly company. We manufacture 100% natural cotton baby carriers without chemicals or azo dyes. All carriers are manufactured under safe
conditions. 100% Organic Cotton will be available Fall 2008

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