Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Sewing Table

I have a new to me sewing table.

For those of you who are forced to use the dining room table, picking it up for every meal just to lay it back out and hope you didn't mess something up. You are the ones who will be envious!!

LOL I was one of those sewers on the outside looking in! I have wanted a table for years and years and years!

So a couple of weeks ago the local thrift store was having a all you can stuff in a bag for $10 sale. We went we stuffed and then I saw the table!!

Marked $10 it wasn't pretty but it doesn't need to be it needed to be functional. Okay so one of the legs was missing a screw. Thats what my husband is for, he is my handiman and I knew he was up to the task.

So we bought it, strapped it to the top of our van and brought it home.

Husband measured out to my specifications how tall I wanted the table to be and went and bought wood and hardware to fashion his own legs. He cut, he sawed, and screwed them together.

These are the pictures of the transformation. Enjoy I know that I am!!

New Leg & Old leg side by side original leg height 27 in

New Leg height almost 36 in

Another Leg shot. I seem to like those!! LOL

The Hardware

The Other Hardware

The finished table with husband & 2DD standing beside it.

Finished Tabe height!

I am in LOVE!!!

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