Sunday, August 17, 2008

One Hundred Push ups

I really need to get into shape.

I am an overweight by 30 lbs 30 yr old female.

There I have admitted it, and can no longer hide from it. I just announced it to strangers!! LOL most of whom have never seen me!!

So one of the things that I want to do is tone my arms so that they don't jiggle and keep on waving long after I have stopped. One of the ways to do this is by toning up the muscle and push ups are great for that!

I can do 4 push ups, 5 on a good day. Eat that Arnold!! :)

The goal of this program is to take you through 6 weeks of doing push ups daily to get you to where you can do 100 push ups in a sitting.

And I'm gonna try it! Want to join me? go here

A ticker will be gracing my page as well as the push up banner above. You can see my progress, and if you decide later you want to try it you'll always know where to find the link! :)


  1. Um didn't you JUST have a baby! GEESH...pushups make me want to vomit, but you know what..I ain't skeered...I'll do it with ya!

  2. oh my!! i fear the pushup!! (i used to fear the plank too but i can actually do that one. maybe this will be good for me!) glad you're joining us for the challenge at my blog! cheers to hot moms!


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