Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blueprint for a Green School

This morning while watching one of those good morning shows, today show or something of that type (sorry :) ) they did a feature on Chevy Chase and his wife Jayni. Chevy & Jayni live green. they recycle, drive hybrids, use solar etc...

In the late 80's Chevy & Jayni started up a non profit called Center for Environmental Education or CEE. And Jayni has written a book called Blueprint for a Green School.

At long last, and in one place, here is the primary information you need to understand and deal with environmental health and safety issues in your school. You can also learn more about lowering greenhouse gas emissions and responsibly addressing climate change issues.

You can go to the link above and click on the button for Blueprint for a Green School to find out what it is all about and resources.

There is also a Curriculum link you can click on. If you are a teacher or even a homeschooling teacher, this is a great resource to teach your child/ren about being & living green.

I think this is great, schools do not need to be selling or vending soda, chips, candy. Give them healthy choices, after all they are at school and it is an institute for learning. If you or your children want to pollute their bodies do it at home or on your own time.

Like I do :)

But seriously we try to teach our children about recycling, composting, healthy eating etc.. We were not always this way so our children are still learning and sometimes we have to remind them. So I love to see teaching tools that will help me show and explain the benefits of being green.

So for those of you who missed the feature here you go the links are above :) enjoy!!

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