Friday, September 19, 2008

Hot for the Holidays 2nd Weigh in

No weight loss for me this week. My weight went up 2.5 lbs.

I am now back to my starting weight plus .5 lbs.

I had an appointment with a nutritionist today. He said the diet plan I am following is very well rounded, but that I am still consuming more calories than I need to in order to lose weight.

I am going to adjust it a little so that I may start to see the scale go back down.

I didn't get much walking in this week, and didn't do my sit ups. Must do better next week or I don't think I'll see much change.


  1. I really don't want to step on the scale tomorrow morning. I know I'm not going to like what I see! I need to find my motivation to stay on track. I baked homemade bread today. And I ate a lot of it. Probably didn't help my cause! We'll see tomorrow morning!

  2. Good morning! I'm doing the challenge too and I thought I'd drop by and say Hi. Sorry about the gain this week. But know you have some more information to help you out after your meeting right?! What goes up must come down right?

  3. No worries about the gain. You'll do fantastic in the coming weight especially after talking to the nutritionist! That's awesome that you have someone to tell you what ya need to do to lose!

  4. I met with a nutritionist last year as well and honestly if I hadn't done that I probably would have continued gaining. I stopped a lot of my bad habits because I had more good things to work with. I'm sure you will have a better weigh in next week. I only lost .8 so we need to stick together to get through the bad weeks.

  5. hey, that's ok but that's awesome you've seen a nutritionist! that really helps!!!

  6. Sorry to hear about your gain this week. Hopefully the nutritionist gave you a lot of helpful information to get you rolling again.

  7. Gosh, it's a struggle, isn't it? Here's hoping you do better in the days ahead.


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