Friday, September 5, 2008

I've been a busy lady!

This past weekend and all of this week have just been so full!! I really don't like to be constantly on the go or be doing so much. I like to have a little time to surf the net for no good reason once in awhile!!

So I've gotten several items sewn. I made a much needed diaper bag built to my specifications and style, I made some booties for my young man & a handle cover for grocery carts. (Pictures in the next post)

I really hate touching those shopping carts. And since the little guy is still in an infant seat I don't need a full seat cover just yet. So I made one that will cover just the handle.

I needed a diaper bag built just for me :) LOL It has two huge pockets on the outside for my stuff and his if needed. Inside there are 3 pockets. One for diapers and wipes, and the other two for misc items. It is very roomy and carries everything I need it to.

The booties so cute. I can't hardly describe them so I'll let you see them for yourself.

But you'll have to wait till the next post!!

I have also been busy getting my middle child to school and back... Okay just to the bus stop and back. MY BABY STARTED KINDERGARTEN!!!! WWWWAAAAAAAAAAA

Okay i'm better now :) she has been a school girl for 3 days now and she loves it!!
I'm happy for her but oh so sad to see her go.

I've still got the little man at home... LOL he is only 3 months so he isn't leaving for a short while!

Don't forget to check back for the photos in my next post.

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