Thursday, September 18, 2008

My great thrift store find!!

Usually it is very rare to find a great thrift store find over here. There are tons of stay at home wives, and some camp out at the thrift store. Don't ask me why because I think the prices are usually insane but they do it.

Anyway my husband and I were out looking for a belt for him to wear to work and I suggested looking at the thrift store before buying a new one. And being the kind of lady that I am I wanted to look around while inside. So we are browsing and browsing and then I hear my husband say come over here quick.

And what had he found????


A Zojirushi bread machine for $5 !!!!!!

I have a Zojirushi bread machine already, but for $5 you can't beat that. I was thinking of using it as a gift or maybe keep it so I can make more loaves in less time.

It is a little dirty, but totally looks like it can be cleaned up all nice and spiffy again. We checked it out by plugging it in and running it. Everything works!!

One of the things I like about these brands is that they have the preheat function!! No more setting things out to reach room temp before. I would always forget :)

Oh and no we didn't find the belt. We had to buy it brand new :(


  1. Great find! I got my newest breadmaker at the thrift store as well. It was $3.00! WOOHOOO!

  2. Awesome find! I don't own a bread machine. I use my Kitchenaid to mix and knead. I'll have to keep my eyes open for that brand! I don't check out the thrift store very often either because I never find much. That and the fact that taking two small children anywhere usually turns into a 3 ring circus!


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