Thursday, September 11, 2008

OK OK Pictures :)

Here you go, I'm finally going to post my sewing pictures.

No Camo is not my favorite color!! I'm trying to reclaim or re-purpose fabric into something else. And well I have tons of camo given my husbands job. I also made them for my little man so he likes them. :)

Kimono Booties

Our New Diaper Bag
I used pockets from the uniform as pockets for the bag.

This pocket on the front is handmade but I did add a name tape with our last name on it (hidden behind the strap)

Inside view
On the left is another homemade pocket. I think I would add a buckle next time like I did on the front.
The other two pockets are from the uniform.

And my Shopping cart handle cover.
Remember I was just looking to cover the handle not the whole seat with this one.

I have some Hawaiian & Japanese style fabric that I am going to make the booties & shopping cart handle cover from next. I do have other fabric styles so we'll see what I do.

I had planned out a whole bag pattern but as I was cutting I started thinking that maybe I shouldn't reinvent the wheel! LOL I already had pockets at my disposal so I took advantage. But this project was a little big for me right now.

I spent 4 days working on this because as most of you know you don't get much accomplished fast with a newborn.

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  1. That diaper bag is AMAZING! I love love love it! You rock!


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