Sunday, October 5, 2008

Catching up * HFH Weigh in * *Weekend Silence*

I'm stealing a few precious moments of time her to put out a post on my blog.

Just wanted to do a little catching up with anyone who reads my blog and is thinking "where did she go??"

My husband winged the family away this weekend for a camping trip. Such a nice thoughtful gesture, as we needed some peace and quiet. Well we didn't get so much quiet but it was nice to be away from the house for the weekend. Even though I think my house is in a very peaceful location.

about 3/4 of the way to our camping location my husband informs me that we are staying in a cabin instead of the suite that we normally do!! Imagine the surprised look on my face and words that came out of my mouth!! LOL Cabins are not stocked with linens or pillows, and you have to walk to the community bathrooms/showers!! I brought no linens or pillows or shower shoes.

So we stop and purchase bedding as we were running late and had already driven 1 1/2 hours at this point! So we find what we need and we are off!! back on the road to our little slice of peace and quiet. We got there 1 hour before they closed for the evening Whew!! we were afraid that they would have given our cabin away.

We cooked outdoors over a fire, roasted Marshmallows for smores, swam at the beach, walked, roller bladed, walked, ate at the restaurant.

It was nice!!

We didn't get the quiet as the neighbors camping around us all thought that we wanted to listen to their conversations and/or their music. Not the case but we are too polite to say anything anyway. We got to listen to rap music, old rap music, rap & old rap music with bad language from one side. And from the other side how easy it is to cheat on your spouse, and their new pop/rock music.

I have taken pictures of our trip but since i'm stealing time here I'll post them later.

HFH Weigh in (I'm posting my weigh in results a little late)

I did weigh myself friday morning but was unable to post.

My scale was finally good to me this week!

It told me that I was down a grand total of 5 pounds!!! No Joke!!!

Not bad for someone who had a set back for 2 weeks and then a broken toe about 1/2 way through this one!!

I stuck to my diet, and I think that helped out a lot, but I did do some walking and Wii Fit. I really think its the diet and the Wii Fit! That thing is awesome!!!!

Anyway i'll post later with pictures, and I found a great site about quiltiing that even includes patterns and directions.

Check back for the info!!

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