Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Digital Photography for Beginners

You've bought the camera now what?

My smart response would be uh maybe charge the battery or read the manual. :)

Ok lets say that you have done all of this and you are thinking what in the world did I get myself into?? I don't know how to use this thing! Do I even have it pointing the right direction, is the lens cover off??

Never fear I can help you with this and more! :)

Ok well i'm not actually going to help you myself but i am going to point you to someone who can and has already put up a great source of information.

Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School has a great section up for those of us or you :) who need to learn how to use that sparkly shiney purty brand spankin new camera that you've already charged and read the manual for.

Heck even if your camera isn't new, sparkly, shiney, purty, charged and you haven't read the manual you'll want to check out these links!

Digital Photography tips for beginners

You will learn:

The basics of exposure
Learning to use digital Camera settings and features
Handling and caring for a digital camera
Other beginning photography tutorials and tips
Common digital photography problems and questions answered

And one that I think you homeschoolers will like:
13 Lessons to teach your child about digital photography

Don't think i'm partial, even if you don't homeschool i'm sure your child will like this! :)

Have fun and when you post your photos leave me a comment so I can check em out!!

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