Friday, October 10, 2008

Hot for the holidays weigh in

Well.... I'm sorta bummed this week.

Last week i put in a late post that I had lost 5 pounds. According to my Wii fit it was 5.1 but I just rounded it down to 5.

Okay so today I had a 4.2 GAIN according to the Wii fit! I can't blame the machine, nothing is wrong with it. Well that is not until I throw it at the wall for being such a bad friend to me!!!

LOL just kidding my little Wii Fit friend!!

anyway I didn't exercise anywhere near what I should have and my diet got off track.

So I am still hovering around the same weight. its just and up and down and more of an up and down battle.

Inspiration time.

Who or what inspires me?

To be honest I don't really know. It seems that I am not inspired enough right now to stop being so darn lazy about exercising and eating healthy.

I'd love to tell you this grand story, and in the end you would be weeping because it would be so wonderfully inspirational.

But I can't, so I won't even try.

Maybe that is my problem I need to find an inspiration. Where to look? Hmmm seems I need to think on this one a bit.

What kinds of things inspire you??


  1. My inspiration is reading other blogs, and fellow dieters who struggle with the same things I do. It give me the "umph" to let me try better.
    Hope you find your inspiration!

  2. Hang in there lady! I posted a 1 pound gain this week too! I let some pie get the better of me.

  3. GIrl, I know all about the ups and downs. Hang in there!!!

  4. hey, you know, sometimes that will happen week to week. fluctuations are inevitable. i know you can come out on top next week! :)

  5. Sometimes the inspiration is seeing those gains. I know when I gain (like I did this week) I want to work harder to lose by the next week. Good Luck!

  6. i'm inspired by other bloggers. when i had a two pound gain last week, everyone here talked me down from the ledge (aka into a 3 mile run). and this week i had a huge loss. i couldve easily fallen off the wagon i was so discouraged, but everyone was so great and supportive! don't forget, we're a team here! you lose, i lose! you gain, i gain! we're in it together!! here's to a great next week! the best part about today is that you can press reset and start the week fresh!

  7. we all have our ups and downs week to week. i think as long as wer keep on going, keep on working at it for ourselves it's all good.
    good luck next week!

  8. Weight gains happen to all of us. Just remember there's always this week to work for a loss! Hang in there or hang out on the wii fit for a while.

    Good luck with this week's weigh in.


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