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How to make a Rag Rug

How to Make a Rag Rug

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There are several methods of recycling old rags or torn clothing into rugs. Here are instructions for a few of the most common methods.


  1. Please see "Tips" section below for general guidelines which apply to all of the following methods.

Hooked Rug Method
  1. Obtain canvas webbing with a minimum of 1/4 inch openings. This is available in larger opening sizes as well from most sewing and craft stores.
  2. Cut your fabric into strips that are a maximum of 1/2 inch in width and 3-4 inches in length. Keeping the lengths uniform results in a smooth "pile" for your rug. Trimming later is time consuming and more difficult than cutting to uniform length at this point.
  3. Sketch the design you want onto the canvas mesh. Permanent markers work well for this... just take care not to get marker on any surface underneath the canvas.
  4. Hook your rag strips onto the canvas in the manner of a Hooked Rug.

Sewing Machine Method
  1. Cut your fabric into strips that are the width of your finished rug.
    • Note: This will make a roughly rectangular rug with or without an edge fringe. (your choice)

  2. Sew shorter pieces together to make up the length.
  3. Pull the ends of the strips slightly to make them curl along their long edges.
  4. Lay the slightly curled strips side by side with their ends even.
  5. Machine stitch the strips together perpendicular to the lay of the strips.
  6. Sew as many parallel lines as are necessary to cover the entire length of the rug.
    • Note: the parallel lines should be a minimum of a 1/4 inch and maximum of an inch apart, but you may space them at your discretion.

Woven Method
  1. Cut your fabric into strips that are the width of your finished rug.
  2. Sew shorter pieces together to make up the length if necessary.
  3. Prepare your weaving frame by driving nails or screws for each vertical warp string.
    • Two 2x4 pieces of wood with nails or hooks would work.
    • An old picture frame would work.

  4. Once the warp strings are strung, weave the rag strips between the warp strings and tamp them snuggly with a dowel or other rod.
  5. Weave the next rag strip so that the warp strings which were behind the first strip are now "in front" of the second strip... alternating for each rag strip that you add.
  6. Tie the ends off firmly when you have reached your desired length.

Crocheted Method
  1. Cut your fabric into strips of equal width.
  2. Sew the strips end to end to make one (very) long strip.
  3. Crochet the strip with an extra large crochet hook. Single Crochet works well for a thick, finished product.

Braided Method
  1. Cut your fabric into strips of equal width.
  2. Sew the strips end to end to make three long strips.
  3. Braid the strips together.
  4. Sew the finished braids together along their long edges with heavy string to form the desired shape.


  • Select your fabrics. It is best to fashion each rug from only one type of fabric. Mixing types of fabric (wool with cotton knit, for example) "can" be done, but will result in uneven and patchy finished results.
  • Launder all fabrics to be used. (do not launder the canvas mesh for the hooked rug method though.)
    • Note: When selecting colors, it is wise not to use colors that will "run" when laundered. It is also advisable to color coordinate the colors at this stage for a cohesive look when finished.

  • Cut all fabrics to the necessary size. It is easier to do this before construction than after.


  • Scissors and needles are sharp. Handle with appropriate care.

Things You'll Need

  • Scrap cloth or rags.
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Extra large Crochet hook (Crochet method)
  • Latch hook (Latch hook method)
  • Sewing Machine (Sewing Machine method)

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