Thursday, October 30, 2008

I don't wanna be a...

Helicopter parent!

I just don't wanna! I have way too much to do for myself and the house and the baby and the husband.... (Which is another rant in itself actually)

LOL I just don't want to be one also because I think you look like a big fat..................

..... loser

There I said it!!!

I can't stand to see a parent who is always in hover mode, always dropping what they are doing because Jr needs to get to this game and Suzy needs to go to that ballet thing. Oh and don't forget about when something happens to their child that helicopter parent is right there to fight the fight for them. Don't let them get their sweet little hands dirty!!

Here is a little bit about Helicopter parents I found on Wikipedia
Helicopter parent is a colloquial, early 21st-century term for a parent who pays extremely close attention to his or her child's or children's experiences and problems, particularly at educational institutions. These parents rush to prevent any harm or failure from befalling them and will not let them learn from their own mistakes, sometimes even contrary to the children's wishes. They are so named because, like helicopters, they hover closely overhead, rarely out of reach, whether their children need them or not. In Scandinavia, this phenomenon is known as curling parenthood and describes parents who attempt to sweep all obstacles out of the paths of their children.

OMG I just found out by reading the little bit on Wikipedia that they have other names for even more fanatical parents!!!
Black Hawk
Lawn Mower

Come on people they are your kids not your friends, you didn't have children so you rush them around from 50 different after school activities, do their homework, fight with their teachers, fix their fights.

You had kids to enjoy, to watch them grow, to gently lead them in the right direction, and then eventually they would have kids and you could watch the fun all over again!!

So many kids don't know how to settle an argument, or even organize their daily lives because their hovering parents have done it all for them.

Let them be kids, let them make mistakes

Cut the cord!!!

There is a balance to just how much you should, can do for your child before him/her has to do things for themselves.

One thing that really bugs the crap out of me is the parents who say everything has to be fair or equal. Um right life isn't fair. Not every child deserves or should get a trophy if they didn't win it. My kid shouldn't have to share the tickets he/she won playing games so that everyone can get a prize of the same value so they don't feel left out.

My children are competitive. No... stop.... I did not make them this way, I am also not one of those parents who sits on the sidelines of the games yelling at my kids that they better win or else. I have never said that. I think for them it is a natural progression. They want to do well, so they strive for it. I never said I didn't want them to do well, but I'm not going to push push push or force them to do these things.

Wanna find out if you are a helicopter parent or getting close take the quiz found here (note this one is mainly for those whose child is getting ready to go to college)

I also just want to say (I have alot of those just wanted to say lines huh?!)
We do not do girl scouts, team sports, ballet, music, math tutoring, tutoring of any kind, extracurricular stuff. Why? Well we have a neighborhood full of children the same or nearly the same age as my daughters and they spend hours outside. They play ball, they invent things, they plan how they can make money. They are enjoying themselves and learning how to interact with others at the same time.

Some of you may get mad about this post and want to leave dirty little comments... Great.... Look into my eyes do you see tears or that I care?? Nope... Natta.... Zilch
(LOL I doubt I have that many or any readers at all so whatever)

Unless you like to read about other people's problems then you can stop here... but if you are nosey like I am then you can read on and see why i'm ranting today. :)

What brought this rant on? Well I'm watching someone who is currently spinning out of control, who either doesn't realize it or won't admit it. (I've been told she has to learn from making her own mistakes) Ok well if making 1 bad decision after another after another after another, getting pregnant for the wrong reasons, getting pissed at the dad and ruining his life, leaving a job with awesome benefits and a paycheck for no job, gonna be a single mom who thinks she can get a place of her own without income and go to school putting food (without money) on the table buying diapers and formula (not breastfeeding cause its sexual) is what you wanna do with your life then great....


Don't tell me it is my fault because you had a helicopter parent who is still doing it, so that made it where you couldn't think and orginze you life so you wouldn't get in this mess.
I didn't tell you to lay down get pregnant so that you could move into a house, kick the dad to curb and ruin his career cause you were tired of him, and then what???? Oh lets get out of the military I don't have a "career" lined up but i'll do it anyway because my mom said she'll take care of my baby and raise it so I can continue to Ho around.

Yeah thats right I said it, and that is why you are not invited to come around because I don't want my kids to think it is okay to be like that or to be around it. And if I'm hovering in this instance.... Great.... cause you suck!

Not very nice for a retro gal but you get what you get some days!! :)

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