Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm quilting

I've been a bad blog hostess. Sorry!!

Today I started working on finishing the baby blanket that I started for my son. But don't let me deceive you into thinking that I might almost be finished or anything! LOL far from it actually. :)

I have two rows pieced and sewn together, then I had to take a break and cut out more :) nothing like creating on the fly!!

Oh and just so you know... this is only my second attempt at quilting. I have never taken a class or had someone show me how to do it. LOL so I've noticed already that some of my lines don't match up. But I'm hoping that since the design is so bright and colorful that it might distract you from that.

Tomorrow I'll post pics of my progress.

Oh and if I'm silent for awhile then it means the baby is sleeping well and I actually have time to work on my sewing!

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