Friday, October 31, 2008

Shopping at the 100 Yen shop

I haven't really talked about shopping at the 100 Yen shop yet have I?

What is wrong with me??? The 100 Yen shop is like the shopping mecca of the world to the Americans living in Japan! It is like your .99 cent store, dollar store etc... only sssssoooooo much better!!!! In my opinion the before mentioned stores sell crap, but I can't say that about our 100 Yen shops. No sir no way no how!

I am sooooo not kidding either! Ask any one of us and we can tell you where at least 3 stores are and what each one has that one of the others do not. Not all stores carry the same stuff

Forget buying from pampered chef, Tupperware and um yeah... all those other ridiculously outrageously expensive prodded into buying cause your friends just starting a home business.. business. No offense intended to those companies or their seller people and buyers :)

But let me tell you I can buy alot of the products you offer for approximately 105Yen (yes I know it is called the 100Yen shop, but they have to charge tax). That works out to be approximately $1.06 as of todays exchange rate.

I don't want to really go into the exchange rate right now... LOL... It makes my brain hurt when I have to do all that thinking and math! :)

So anyway I can usually buy like 20 of the same product for the price of 1 through the before mentioned companies.

Bonus for the before mentioned companies they have warranties and such, so if you have a really good warranty on something... say lifetime then I'll buy from you like I did my pots and pans. But plastic yeah not so much even if you have the warranty.

Okay I'm off track here!!

I can't sing the praises of the 100 yen shops enough. So in a few upcoming posts I will be highlighting items purchased from the 100 yen shop (also known as the 1 coin shop).

So now that I have wet your whistle and you are really interested I found out that Daiso which is the Japanese company that has the 100 Yen stores here in Japan also has stores in Washington State and California!!!! So if you are a lucky reader who lives in these states check out this link to find a Daiso shop near you!!

Oh and P.S. I get my bento supplies here :) LOL soooooo cheap!!

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