Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My new toy

You'll have to excuse me if I have a bit of an absence.. I'm kidding but just in case you'll know!

I'm playing with my new toy!

I had some gift cards to a store local to me that have been burning a hole in my purse. So the other day DH and I were browsing the computer area and this is what I found!

I would really love to have a computer with this built into it, but alas I already have 2 laptops that are pretty brand new and work very well so I couldn't justify that but this.... I could :)
I purchased a writing tablet for my little "Mini"!
Oh the things I can edit... the things I can write!!

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  1. Ok what does this do exactly? Can you use it to draw in a graphics program? If so I want one and how much?????????


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