Friday, April 24, 2009

It has been a looooonnnggg time!

Sorry fellow readers and non readers :)!

It has been 24 days since my last post. My how time does fly!!

I am slowly winding down from a marathon family visiting session. First I have to say that I got to watch my newest niece being born on March 2nd. Yay!! Then my mother arrived for her 24 day trip over here.

I think we had a great time with mom. We were always running doing this or going to look at that & shopping!! of course you can not forget the shopping... oh yeah and the food!!

After my mother finished her visit with us and had returned back home, I had exactly 3 days breathing time until my Mother-in-law arrived! My mother-in-laws visit was only for 9 days. So not as much time and not as much entertaining to do.

The kids had spring break from school, they enjoyed their time off. They did a little playing, a little getting in trouble. ha ha

My oldest daughter turned 12yrs old and has already started babysitting!! aaack I'm feeling a might old now!!

Thankfully school is back in full swing, so the kids are off during the day filling their heads with learning stuff!

The little one has recently had a bout with pink eye, and now has a horrible horrible cold. Going on a week now.

Now that we are getting back into the swing of things, I plan to do a little sewing, gardening, picture taking, house cleaning and posting a little more regularly to my blog!! ;)

I'll add some pretty little pictures to my next post. I promise!!


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