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My whole family is responsible for chores at our house. Ok we do let the baby slide, at 11 months he seems to make a bigger mess than anything!

We have a simple chart that I update everyday. I hung up a mirror that has 5 hooks in the hallway. I wrote on the mirror with dry erase & chalk markers Daily To Do's, and then wrote each persons name above each hook. There are 5 in my family (including the baby) so this worked out perfectly. For awhile I was tearing up small squares of paper and writing their chore down on it everyday attaching it to the hook with a curtain hook. After about a week of this I started thinking that there had to be a little bit of a more earth friendly way. So I headed out the the local dollar store and purchased small white boards that have a chain for hanging.

Now I can just erase and write on the same board no slips of paper needed.

The girls like this method since they can carry it around with them to remind them of what they have done and still have left to do.

My oldest daughter's (age 12) chores

  • Dishes
  • Clean off counters & wipe
  • Sweep Kitchen & Dining Room
  • Sort Laundry, fold & put away her clothes
  • Take out the trash
  • Clean her bedroom
  • Clean their bathroom
My middle daughter's (age 6) chores

  • Pick up Living room
  • Vacuum Living Room, hallway, front hall & sewing room
  • Clean & wipe off kitchen table and chairs
  • gather trash from bathrooms
  • gather laundry
  • sort laundry, fold & put away her clothes
  • pick up the shoes from the front hallway & put in closet

Of course not all of these are done everyday. I usually take 1/2 for them to do 1 day and 1/2 the next. Bathrooms are only cleaned once a week.

If I see anything else that needs attending to I will add it.

My husband also has a list which for right now mostly includes those honey do's that never seem to get done!!

Here are some links to some chore charts to get you started

Custom Chore Chart Maker
Chart Jungle
Chores for Kids

You can also just do a google search or click here

I do want to note that I do not pay my children an allowance for doing these chores, but there are great ideas out there for how much to pay if you chose to do so.


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