Sunday, May 17, 2009

Getting to know me

A gal on one of the forums I am member of started a post of questions designed to get to know one another. Copy the questions and erase my answers.

I thought this was a great idea!!

I want to get to know you
If you blog this leave me a comment and let me know

1. Favorite holiday? Christmas
2. What color is your kitchen? Multi LOL I have robins egg tile, red pans, pink knives and other assortments
3. How many pets do you have? No pets
4. Red, pink, neutral lipstick? I ususally wear none but like barely there pink
5. Country or city girl? Country girl
6. Diamonds or pearls? both
7. Cooking or baking? I like to do both
8. hair dye or natural? Of course it is mine ;) ;) ;)
9. Your favorite childhood christmas gift? No favorites I liked them all
10. Places you've visited? All of the Us except for Alaska, Canada, England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Japan
11. What decade where you born in? I'm a late 70's baby
12. Favorite flower? Rose & carnation
13. Favorite kind of pie? mmmm Apple
14. Coffee or tea? tea
15. Favorite Season? Autumn.... weather that you need a light jacket for
16. Favorite food? Pizza and anything bread
17. Early riser or night owl? I am neither!! I'm only up at 7am by necessity and am falling asleep when walking to bed at 9pm!!


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