Friday, May 8, 2009

Leaving it all behind

We are preparing for our 1st camping adventure of 2009! I'm a little excited to be going as I love to "get away from it all."

Originally we were going tent camping as everything else was already booked. And by booked I mean we searched all the way up until the end of

This was to be our accommodations

Coleman Montana Big Sky Elite

As luck would have it though when my husband popped into work Monday one of the guys was looking for someone to take over his reservations!

We have never been to this campground before but from what I hear and read the accommodations are nice!!

These are our new accomodations!

Kitchen, bathroom, queen size real bed, A/C!!

They are speaking my language!

I have some great posts in the works and of course i'll include some camping photos!!

See you all when I return!!


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