Sunday, May 31, 2009

More Information on Rosie the Riveter

Yesterday I blogged a video on how to do your hair in the Rosie the Riveter style. I got to thinking that you might not really know who Rosie was or what her hairstyle was all about. So today i'm going to give you a little background.
Poster depicting Rosie the Riveter
(click picture to view a web page with more information)

Did you know there was/is a Rosie the Riveter Song?

Rosie the Riveter

All the day long,
Whether rain or shine,
She's a part of the assembly line.
She's making history,
Working for victory,
Rosie the Riveter.
Keeps a sharp lookout for sabotage,
Sitting up there on the fuselage.
That little girl will do more than a male will do.
Rosie's got a boyfriend, Charlie.
Charlie, he's a Marine.
Rosie is protecting Charlie,
Working overtime on the riveting machine
When they gave her a production "E",
She was as proud as she could be,
There's something true about,
Red, white, and blue about,
Rosie the Riveter.

You can listen to a sample here

Rosie is a cultural Icon in the history of our country. Some say that the Rosie's opened the male dominated work force for females giving us the opportunity to work outside of the home.

I am all for taking care of the home and our families but I like the opportunity that I have to sometimes step outside into the working world.

Thank you to all the Rosie's!!


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