Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The problem

The problem I have with computers is that something is always going wrong with them and I don't know how to fix them!

I had told you several days ago that I had posts to put up but needed to upload the pictures. And you've probably noticed that I have not followed through on this either.

I think I have figured out the problem... I hope..

I believe I have a problem with my wireless card in my laptop. I can sporadically connect to the internet & when I can I can not do things that take alot of sending and receiving information.

I have been sitting here trying and trying to upload pictures to this hear blog and wanted to throw my computer across the room.

Anyway I have now just plugged my computer in directly to the modem using a cable and wala it is now working!!

you know now that I've said it something else will happen!

Anyway bring on the posting!!


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