Sunday, June 28, 2009

A little training never hurt anyone....

I think I have pretty much decided to start a real deal serious no joke training program.

What kind of training??


egads did she just say running?? Who?? What?? huh?

Can she be serious?? Is she delirious?? Maybe she has a fever? Is someone else typing this out for her??


I have actually been thinking about this for a while now. In this case a while now means a couple of months. I used to be a very good sprinter in Jr. High and High School. Running was my favorite thing to do. It gave me an adrenaline rush like no other, and nothing like I have experienced since then.

I need to run for fitness but I also need to feel that high that I get from running.
I NEED it!

I have located several training programs that I am interested in trying. I found them online.

Let me share some of them with you.

**(I am not a Dr. I can not recommend or be responsible if something happens to you when using these programs. They are being listed as informational only. You use at your own risk... Please consult with your Dr., if you have medical problems consult with your Dr., if you don't have medical problems consult with your Dr.)**

Couch to 5K This program should have you running 3 miles in as little as 2 months!

Couch to 5k aggressive This one says it takes 4 months. This one starts out with a walking program. Probably better for those who do little exercise or who have done the bare minimum for awhile.

Conservative Couch to 5K (3mile) Program - 7Month This one they recommend you do if you are overweight. It will be easier on your joints. This is very conservative, they start you out walking 10 min per day. If you can walk at least 30-40 min with no problem you might want to check out the aggressive program.

Active Trainer Keep track, schedule and record stats from your workouts.

Speed work for beginners This program helps you once you can run a 5k or 10k increase your running speed.

to be honest I think I'm going to start with the couch to 5k aggressive 4month program. You now I'm all for going straight at it and getting it done, but I think for me the 2 month program might be a little extreme for me.

So i'm going to start out with the walking like it says and progressively follow they steps as they have it outlined.

I've also been reading that you shouldn't stretch cold muscles, which goes against everything I was taught in gym class and on the track. It does make sense though, and this is the method I will be doing this time.

Are any of you runners? If so do you have any advice for a born again?


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