Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Money Maker deal on Quickbooks 2009

Okay I just found out about this little money maker deal with a freebie!!!

You have to go to, if you don't have an account with you will want to sign up for one.

If you do sign up please put Oneretromama at (of course substitute @ for the word at) as the person referring (*please & thank you*). pays you back a % of what you spend for places that you already shop online.

oh and they give you $5 cash for signing up so right there you are already $5 ahead!! See already making some money honey!!!

Once you are logged in so a search for Office Depot. (you want to click through ebates or they won't credit you) Once that page opens on the Office Depot website do a search for Quickbooks. You will be looking for the Quickbooks Simple Start 2009 price of $99 with an instant $20 savings making it $79.00.

You will then send in for an $80 rebate giving you $0.01 earned (don't forget you get money back 2% from ebates on this purchase plus the $5 you get for signing up) ( 2% from my calculations is $1.60 )

so you just made $5 + $1.60 + 0.01 = $6.61

Just wanted to let you know that shipping is free. Makes the deal even better :)

So you can either download for free as in my last post or you can make $6.61 your choice. :)


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