Monday, June 15, 2009

Shopping for Shoes

I am in the market for some new shoes. I have heels I have wedges and I have flats but I have been wanting something else.

Vintage or vintage look shoes can be expensive. One of the bad things about trying to buy strictly vintage shoes is sizing. It is or has been very hard for me to find shoes that fit a modern size 10 foot. So for me I have had to rely on new vintage look styles to complete my outfits.

I found some shoes online today that I'm really going to keep my eye on and hint to the husband that I desperately need them!! :) Of course he will be skeptical since i've already got 2 closets full of shoes. oops!! :)

My finds:

They are available in other colors but these are my choices!! Something else that I like is that my shipping is FREE. Nothing I hate more than paying a good price for something only to get ripped on the shipping! Return shipping is also FREE so if you decide you need a bigger or smaller size, maybe a different color... FREE!!! :)

I wonder how long it will take me to get my husband to agree that I need these?

There are other shoes and accessories available on the website go check them out!


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  1. I absolutely LOVE the Joy Chen's. Maybe if you part with some of your other shoes your husband might consider adding more to your collection:)


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