Friday, June 12, 2009

Starting things out on the right foot

Yesterday was officially the last day of school for my children.

Everything is going along just swimmingly so far. Okay with a minimum of issues it is. I'm sure that will change the longer they have spent some time together.

We did have some bickering today and when we were grocery shopping a lot of "can I have this, can I have that." UGH!! I hate those words. I know I shouldn't say hate.

My children know not to ask me those words and are definitely never to tell me that something is boring especially when someone else planned the adventure for them. Very annoying and disrespectful. That will be something we will be working on this summer... AGAIN!!

How quickly one forgets things such as their manners when around those who do not posses the skill in using them. ie: we've been noticing more and more the lack of manners some people have.

We paid a lovely visit to the Library
This morning we picked out several movies: The Sound of Music, The return to the Secret Garden, and a Baby Einstein movie for the little guy.

We also picked out some books on Audio CD: Lemony Snickets Book 11 & 12. It has only taken us a year but we will finally be finished!! We chose books on knitting, cooking, digital photography, lowering our carbon footprint in the kitchen, on vacation, at school and at home. Oh I almost forgot... books on sewing and quilting.

So much to do this summer!

The kids will be learning:

How to cook
How to sew
Cake Decorating
Personal Finance

This is just a few of the things they are interested in that we will be exploring.


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