Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Steps to a 3 month food storage supply

Jodi & Julie over at food storage made easy have come up with a baby step process showing you how to create a food storage supply of 3 months.

Following their plan and using their spreadsheets will help you to be prepared in case of life's emergencies.

I downloaded their spreadsheet and signed up for their baby step checklist which will be emailed to me every 2 weeks.

I have quite a supply already (not that I really have the room & with our transient lifestyle), but what I am more looking for is a checklist of what I have on hand and that I will have what I need to make a recipe.

I hate planning I'm going to make spaghetti (for example) only to open the cabinet as I'm getting ready to make dinner and find no spaghetti sauce. By having this checklist I could have eliminated that. Another thing it would help me to is have a menu plan. I find that my family gives up very easily and says "lets just go out to eat we don't have anything".

This happens quite a bit due to the fact I am the only person my family thinks is worthy of cooking. By having a menu plan I would think this would eliminate most of this, especially on the nights I am not home.

There is also instructions and diagrams on how to build your own rotating can rack. I love these things at the store!! How cool would it be to have them in your own kitchen!!!

Are any of you working on building up a supply? What prompted you to do so?


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