Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stock your pantry

Do you have any idea what is inside your cabinets? I can tell you mostly what I have but thats about it. If you asked for something specific like do I have raisins... hmm I don't know. Know had you asked for black beans then the answer would have been yes because they are at the front of the cabinet.

Do you have a well stocked pantry? Things that are most likely used in day to day cooking. Do you have enough of it? Do you even know what you might need to stock your pantry?

Even though you might have answered in the positive for each of those answers you might still be interested in a....

(scroll all the way to the bottom)

This isn't just any old list it is a 3 month list of items. What would you need 3 months of supplies on hand for? What happens if you get sick, heaven forbid lose your job or other some such occurance? If you have a 3 month stock you will at least know that you can handle your family food needs for the next 3 months.

Of course if you are prone to eating out or eating those heat in the microwave meals you may not need this pantry list. But then again you might if you don't have the money to do these things anymore.

For those of you who tend to make their meals from scratch this list will help you keep a stock of items on hand eliminating or cutting down on those last minute "I forgot" something trips.

3 Month Pantry Supply List
(scroll all the way to the bottom)

Thank you to for making this great handout!

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