Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Unorganized Pantry - Need a little organizational help?

I have been searching for ideas on organizing my kitchen, making my meal planning and the actual preparation of our meals so much easier! I am a mess at organizing! You can just ask my husband and he will tell you that it isn't one of my strong suits!!

As I sit here on my end of the couch typing out this post I have a huge stack of magazines, paper, make up case sitting on the floor in between the arm of the couch and the way. My end table that I call a cubby has magazines spilling out of it, and the top is cluttered. Spilling out onto the floor is yet more magazines, some empty shopping bags and my coupons that I need to sort and put into the binder.

Ok so I put it out there have piles in my home it might be clean but it doesn't look like it with my piles.

What does that have to do with my pantry you say? Well my pantry is organized the same way as my area of the couch. I have things in every cabinet anywhere I can find a spot that is a new home for something.

So.... I don't really know what I have and don't have. If I can't see it straight off then I assume I do not know.

That is why I am looking into buying one of these doodads!

It is called a Cansolidator Pantry!

I know you've seen a system like this before at the grocery store. I found some instructions online to make them out of cardboard but then I found these! Already made you put them together and they will automatically rotate up to 40 cans for you.
This will help you to use the oldest purchases up 1st so you never have to worry about that long forgotten can in the back of the cabinet!

I know you know what i am talking about it happens to even the best of us!! :)

You can find these nifty little guys and other great organizationl items at shelfreliance.com

The cansolidator above is currently on sale for $32.99 but if you visit Krazy Coupon Lady you can use a special discount code and get it for $28.99

And if that isn't enough Krazy Coupon Lady is having a giveaway!! 1 person will win 2 (!!) Canconsolidator's!!!


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