Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cooking with Coconut Oil & Flour

I have been using coconut oil for several years now. I haven't been using it exclusively but I would like to change that. I haven't always liked the taste of coconut. Actually as a child I would gag when I had to eat it. It has only been recently that I have actually been craving coconut.

There is information out there that details the benefits of using coconut oil instead of other types of oil.

Tropical Traditions is where I have been purchasing my coconut oil. I have also bought their coconut flour. The verdict is still out on whether I will keep buying it. Only reason is that it gives baked goods a different texture. But it is healthier so we will see.

Here are some recipes that I have found. I haven't tried them all but will eventually get around to it.

Coconut Ice Cream
Coconut Cream Mushroom Soup

There are many recipes here

Coconut Oil Flour tortillas
Crispy Baked Coconut chicken
Banana Coconut Cake

Don't just those recipes just sound good?

There even seems to be a coconut diet! I haven't looked into that yet.

I have 4 jars of coconut oil in my cabinets & i'm not afraid to use them! Ha ha I couldn't resist! :)

**Hey don't forget I'm not a Dr. so do your research and talk to your own Dr. before following diet programs and trying different supplements. Especially if you are taking meds and/or have current health issues.**


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