Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dining Out & the expenses

We are trying to stick to the plan of only eating outside the home once a paycheck. My husband gets paid twice a month so that will give us the opportunity to eat outside of the home twice a month.

Twice is a fairly reasonable number for us! LOL we used to eat outside of the home no less than 6 times a week! That number represents all of the meals in the day & we've been known to eat out breakfast, lunch & dinner in one day!

To be honest I never did calculate what we actually spent on dining out & i'm not sure I really want to know. But if you figure on average we spend $30 per trip for a family of 5 and multiply that by 6 for times in a week that would be $180.00. $30.00 x 6=$180.00 And if we did that every week: 6 times a week times 4 weeks = 24 and if we still used $30 as our total bill amount: 24 x $30.00 = $720.00


I'm being conservative in my numbers I'm pretty sure that at one point we were spending at least $1200 on dining out and convenience foods a month! I have bills that could have been paid off had I used that money for purposes other than stuffing my families face with calorie laden processed foods!

We have been working on cutting this part out of our lives. Sure we still want to be able to enjoy this every now and then. We were gaining weight, sluggish and otherwise not generally healthy when we were doing all of this eating outside of the home. I have noticed that my middle child who usually suffers some form or sickness nearly every other week hasn't been sick this whole summer since we started our less eating outside of the home plan! My husband and I have lost weight this way also!!

The plan has been introduced to the family and we have actually managed to very quickly get it to twice a month so we are going to stick with that for now. Eventually I think we would like to get it down to where we only go out once every few months or so.

Do you struggle with eating outside of the home too often?
What are you doing to limit yourselves?

I'll be posting some ideas for quick meal ideas on those busier than busy days. Stay tuned!


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