Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sausage & Potatoes Recipe

I've been away from my blog for awhile and thought I would come back to you with a quick and super easy recipe. My mom used to make this when I was a kid and now my children request it.

Sausage & Potatoes

1 pkg smoked sausage
2 cans diced new potatoes drain
1 Tbs oil
Salt, Pepper or Goya seasoning (found in the Mexican food section)

I like to cook my smoked sausage first so I can get some of the flavor from the meat in the pan to cook the potatoes. So brown the sausage. Remove to a plate and keep warm. Add oil to the pan then add diced new potatoes, sprinkle on Goya Adobo seasoning (to taste) or Salt & pepper. Cook potatoes until heated through. I like to brown my potatoes on the outside.

Add sausage back to potatoes, stir then serve.

We like to eat ours with ketchup.

another alternative is to get the new potatoes w/ the green beans added or add your own.

I didn't say it was healthy but it is quick and easy! :)


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