Saturday, September 5, 2009

$2.88 Taste of Home Subscription!

If you love their magazine like I do you won't want to miss out on this! You can get a Taste of Home magazine subscription 1 yr 6 issues for $2.88 per year. This is for new subscribers only.

You can see what I put in my cart below

QuantityNameRetail PriceYour PriceTotal
1Taste of Home 6 issues/yr
(How many years? = 4 years 24 issues)
(Select One = New Subscriptions Only)

I went for the 4 yr 24 issues subscription. Regular price $72 promotion price $11.52. The promotion price is still cheaper than their regular 1 year subscription price & I'm getting it for 4 years!

No strings attached with this offer. It will show up as
full price until you get to the final order confirmation page before you submit your order.

Remember this promotion is for new subscribers only.

Go here to check out the promotion.

Thanks to Momsbyheart for the heads up on this offer.

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