Saturday, September 5, 2009

Breastfeeding,Wic & Formula

Every mother knows that breastfeeding is best for their baby. Breastfeeding is free, available, easy and right for your baby. Whether the mother chooses to breastfeed or not is completely up to her. I always try to do what is best for my kids, and I think it is important to be informed of your options.

WIC, has introduced a new food package that encourages breastfeeding. The new program is mandated for all states. By selecting the breastfeeding package, participants will not receive any infant formula. Additionally, women who partially breastfeed or formula feed exclusively will receive 13 percent less formula than in previous years. This means parents who previously had most of their formula paid for by WIC may now have to purchase infant formula on their own.

“In the United States there are no generic infant formulas. The truth is all infant formulas are subject to the same regulations governing manufacturing and ingredients as stipulated by the Infant Formula Act,” said Dr. Barbara Levine, Weill Cornell Medical College. You can visit the baby formula price comparison calculator to calculate your savings between a name brand formula and a generic version such as Parents Choice.

Do your research.


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  1. Good posting on the WIC program changes and hoorah for breastfeeding. I am glad the government realizes it needs to back breastfeeding. No infant formula can replicate it, but at least there are alternatives in store brands to major formula brands that overcharge mothers to compensate for their aggressive marketing. Mother's milk if you can, but store brand formula if you need it. And this is good information for moms who are on WIC.

  2. WIC has always encouraged breast feeding but it makes sense with this new food program to go with the breastfeeding option even if you cannot or don't plan to breast feed. You'll get more $ value out of the fresh fruits, vegetables and special foods and can save money on formula purchases if need be by buying store brand infant formula. At half price it meets all the same nutrition and safety requirements as directed by FDA. Great tidbit!


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