Monday, September 7, 2009

Hubby Handyman = Raised Garden Box

Today I presented my husband with a task that I wanted him to help me with. My husband is a handy man! He can do most anything you can ask of him and if he doesn't know he will research it.

Today I asked him to make me a raised garden bed. Previously I had done my gardening in containers which sat on my back patio. It was very unorganized and not growing very well. I have heard that raised bed gardening is actually a very good method.

Here are some pictures

Putting on the support legs


Putting in the screws

He was working so hard that
sweat was getting in his eyes

The finished product!!

(You can see my other containers in the background.)

Oh... check out this handsome thing!
He was outside "helping" daddy!

I have two super duper handymen in my life!! I am in heaven!!

Thank you to my DH & my handsome young man for making me one happy mama today!!

I love you both!!


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  1. Totally Awesome!!! I have so wanted to have mine done like NOW!! You inspire me to get on my husband and ask him nicely to help me do them. I will even suggest that my "little" man help him with it. I know he will love to help his dad out. I miss u guys so much. I still don't know anybody here. Isn't that sad:( Oh well I have my family around me.

    So that thing doesn't need a bottom huh? I think I will add one to mine so I can move it around if I want. I don't know about u, but I love to move things around. My hubby doesn't like it I think:) well it is just in my nature. Tell your hubby Awesome job!


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