Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hi ya Strangers!!!

WOW!! I can't believe I haven't made a post in almost a MONTH!!

Where has the time gone? And what have I been up to that kept me away from here??

I've been hanging with the coolest of cats!!! I've been loving on him, watching him grow, teaching him how to walk and do lots of new things. We have had plenty of adventures this past month.

I've also been enjoying a bit of the sickies! Yuck! At one point 4 out of the 5 members of my family were sick. The only one who didn't get sick was my husband. Weird but true!! He always is the 1st one to get sick but not this time.

We have been attempting to do some cleaning of our house. Oct, Nov & Dec are very busy months for us. Getting it all done and out of the way ahead of time makes those 3 months go so much smoother. Of course I never looked that happy like the lady in the picture while I was cleaning!

I have also been doing some cake decorating, cooking and have found treasures at the thrift and dollar stores. I will post about these later in other posts. LOL I have to have something to talk about don't I?!!

Do forgive me for being absent this month!


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