Sunday, November 8, 2009


I almost made it to the ball without some type of disaster. You know usually you have forgotten something for your dress or your pantyhose. But no this time I wish it had been one of those!

Three hours before I was to be dressed, ready and at the ball I tripped walking down steps. Two steps to be exact! I missed the 1st one twisted my ankle then tried to recover. Stepped down again and twisted my ankle again!!! So at this point I knew I was going down so I threw everything out of my hands and braced to catch myself. I fell on my left knee and my hands. I made out with scraped palms, the knee of my jean ripped open and my left knee scraped up. Oh and the sprained ankle!

I did go to the ball! I wasn't missing out on that!!

My dh insisted I go to the hospital today to have it looked at. After x-ray they told me it was just a bad sprain and nothing broken. Hurray!! I have never had a broken bone (well do toes count??) and I don't want to start.

I'm feeling much better today but my poor little toes look like sausages!! LOL I've been trying to keep it elevated so hopefully the swelling will go down some by tomorrow.

I don't have many pictures of the ball. We actually sat at the wrong table which was wwwwwaaaaaayyyyy in the back in BFE! So we could not see anything at all. Had we been sitting at our asigned table we would have been right up front and able to see everything!

So you'll have to trust me on this one. It was a great time, my husband looked delish in his fancy uniform and my friend and her husband were a 10!

Oh yes I forgot to update an earlier post. The suit that we bought DH he decided wasn't fancy enough. Soooo we went out and bought the fancy fancy uniform (tux equivilent)for his branch of service. That only set us back a cool $400. :) Yep Yep Now you can see why I was set on attending even after the fall. :)

I also did not get the pumpkins roasted or the seeds. Well actually I haven't gotten much done.

I'm going to recuperate for a couple of days and try it again.



  1. oh noooo! why do things like this always happen!!! things like that always happen to me. i haven't fallen in a while, in fact, which probably means my time is up soon. i hope it feels better soon, i'm glad you still got to go!

  2. Stinks big time about your ankle, but glad yall had a good time. Take it easy and don't over do it!!


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