Friday, November 13, 2009

Turkey Pumpkin kind of day

Here is a picture of my spatchcocked turkey recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart Living Magazine.

The recipe didn't call for any kind of broth but I noticed my pan got a little "done"  so I added some broth so that I could actually baste the turkey per the directions.

It came out crispy brown!!  Awesome but I think I should have cooked mine about 10-20 min longer.  When I was removing the breast from the bone it seemed not quite done.  I nuked that part in the microwave so I didn't feed my family raw turkey.

I was originally going to try that recipe using a chicken but I found Turkey's for .59 a pound!  They were actually cheaper than the chickens and the chickens were smaller!!

All in all very easy recipe once you do all the bone breaking & would definitely cut down on the time it takes to make a turkey for Thanksgiving.  You just would have a laying down turkey instead of the usual.  I carve before I come to the table anyway so my family doesn't care.

The 10th was pumpkin roasting day.  Yes I finally got in there and did it!

Here are a few pictures of the before roasting and after roasting.  I'm not going to go into any detail about how to roast a pumpkin and show you all kind of picture steps etc...  I'm not into reinventing the wheel for the thousandth time.  LOL  You can Google instructions if you need them.  I think I did post the method I was going to use in a post during the last couple of days.  ;)

I used Coconut & EV Olive oil and brushed it all over.

He He He um I apologize for my non awesome photography.  I do have a very nice camera set up but I have been opting to use my much smaller point and shoot lately.  I'm being a little lazy I guess and when you are already short on time you don't want to try and set up the perfect shot.

I'll try to do better for you in the future.  :)


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