Friday, November 6, 2009

We are getting gussied up for Saturday.

Saturday we are attending a Marine Corps ball with friends of ours. So this week we have been preparing our finery for the big event. The only thing I have yet to find is a handbag. My husband purchased a gray and purple tie and a purple kerchief so I would like to compliment those colors with a purple handbag.

It isn't very often that we get gussied up to this extent so we like to pull out all the stops. Today I have an appointment to get a pedicure. I will be doing my own manicure as I'm only going with clear polish. I have a black gown, black elbow length gloves and some beautiful vintage look jewelry. I just have to purchase that handbag!

My husband bought a fantastic new suit to wear. Previously we thought he might wear his uniform from work but he said he would feel more comfortable wearing a regular suit to an event held by another branch of service.

Isn't it a treat when something comes up that allows us to get dressed up in our finery??!!


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