Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What a week!!!

I just want to start by saying this: If I have say or have a really great idea and I think we should do it. Don't listen to me!

My great idea was lets take a little vacation to Guam. You see we live in Japan and Guam is just down from us a little ways.

SSSSooooo..... on Saturday Oct 24th we got our bags all packed and ran down to the Military air terminal to see if we could catch a space available flight to Guam.

I should have known this wasn't going to be all that we thought! As soon as we arrived a man came up and asked are you just arriving from a flight or hoping to get on a flight. We replied hoping to get on the flight to Guam. He said you better hurry you have 4 minutes until the do roll call. The crew decided they wanted to leave early! Um yeah!! So we hurry up and do that and then they decide they want us to check our bags and hour early and load up on the plane. All this was accomplished within the hour of us showing up.

Great! They have space for us and we are off and in the air to Guam!!! Whew really now Space A isn't that bad! :)

We've landed in Guam after a 3 hour flight. Not bad not bad! The baby only cried about 1/2 of the flight and I couldn't get the bathroom door to shut all the way!!

The customs agent was really thorough in his job. I could've yelled bomb or i'm a terrorist (which I am not and did not have a bomb) and it wouldn't have phased him in the least. Oh goody we are clear. Now what??!!?? Oh I guess we'll follow those people out that door and down a hallway that isn't marked with multiple doors so we don't know how to get out of the building. AAAAhhhhh the exit. Now what? Do you have a shuttle? no where is lodging? about 4 miles you say?? Sure great now problem with 6 pieces of luggage and 3 kids one of whom can not hardly walk.

Ok no problemo!! Call a taxi. What??? $40 and we can't all fit in one so we'll have to have 2??!! AAAACCCKKKK what have we gotten ourselves into? Oh wait who is this? A shuttle bus & children 13 & under are FREE!! Oh my oh my! $10.00 you say?!? We will take it!

Lodging do you have rooms? Well we can't get in our system so we don't really know if we have rooms or if someone is in it. Let me call someone oh and by the way the rooms are no longer $42.00 a night they are $80.00!!! oh my word!! 8( where is the shuttle???!! oh no gone already I guess we have to stay.

45 minutes later.... We've got a house for you. its about a 10 minute walk from here. Not far you can easily get there. :)

Ok so how do we get there? Oh just go left at the sign and then walk down a ways you'll see numbers on the house. 8)

We start a walkin' with our 6 pieces of luggage and 3 kids one of whom can not hardly walk. We start walking & we are walking & walking..... walking.


Do you need some help?? 8) Yes we are looking for our lodging they told us it was just down the way about a 10 min walk.
Uh maam that isn't a 10 min walk you are going to be walking forever. Put your stuff in the van and we'll drive you down. aaaaaahhhhh Then they spoke sweet words "have you all eaten?" no "well then lets stop by Burger king and get food" (I normally can not stand Burger King but at that point anything was welcome). We are off again back on the hunt for this lodging. Finally it is found!! They even helped us unload our stuff from the van!! Super great props to you 3 young Airmen & your manners were impeccable!!! We wouldn't usually accept rides but we were on a military installation and I did have my DH who makes me feel relatively safe! :)

aaahhhh it has a kitchen & a washer and dryer!! nice nice...
What about the bedrooms? aaahhh 2 bedrooms one for the kids and one for us! YAY!! Oh wait twin beds? Ok Ok I can do this there are 2 beds in each room. They sort of resemble dorm room bunk beds taken apart. Wow they even feel like dorm room bunk beds taken apart when you lay on them! The pillows feel like wadded up socks stuffed in a pillowcase.

I can not continue this story today...... I'll be back with another post of our fabulous adventure! It only gets better!!! :)


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