Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I always get a little tickle when I'm searching for herbal preparations because they like to use the words Tincture or Salve. I'm not sure why I get a thrill out of those two words. Sometimes I will repeat them over and over after reading them. Sometimes i don't think about them for a long time then I will read them somewhere and I get that same familiar little tickle.

For me I think those words represent taking care of my family within nature. It is something that appeals to me & that I have been interested in it since I was around 12 yrs old or so. I remember going to the library every chance I could get to look up making herbal remedies, soaps, lotions etc... They also makes me feel warm inside like its something calming and familiar.

Do you have words that you like to say or hear? What does it make you think of when you see or hear them?



  1. I'd say the word "lollygag" and "skeddadle" do it for me :) LOL because instead of saying 'stop wasting time idly' I'll say "stop lolly gagging and let's skedaddle out of here! "They're fun words for me, and I get a kick out of them LOL! =D

  2. LOL I like the word Lollygag also! My middle child is a lollygagger!


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