Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cream of Mushroom Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli & a roll

Wed night we had chicken veggie soup.  I forgot to take a picture of it but it was delicious

Tonight for dinner we didn't really have a very colorful meal.  I didn't think about this until I was preparing plates.  Pretty dull looking but it was very good.

I put frozen chicken breasts in my pressure cooker with cream of mushroom soup and slow cooked them for 2 hours.  The potatoes are instant and I poured the cream of mushroom soup gravy over them.  Frozen broccoli heated up and a roll.
My husband remarked tonight that the pantry is still feeding us really well.  LOL  It is kind of funny because before we would always look in and say we didn't have anything to eat.  We are still going strong.

I added to our pantry today some items from Wic:

2 gallons of milk
1 doz eggs
2 boxes of cereal
1 lb of cheese
1 loaf of bread
5 apples
1 frozen container of grape juice

I also bought:
2 lbs of Carrots on sale for $0.25 cents per pound
Red grapes
2 more bags of cereal
1 box of oatmeal

Spent $15  those grapes were expensive!!  $6 and some change.  crazy!

My older two kids and my husband eat cereal for breakfast every morning & I give the baby oatmeal and sometimes scrambled eggs and bacon.

I have not however had to buy any side dishes or meat as we still have plenty to choose from.  Tomorrow will have to be something made of ground beef.  Maybe homemade pizza.  I think I have all of the good stuff for that!

For those of you who are participating how is your pantry challenge going?



  1. My husband comented that we don't have enough food to last us till the end of the month. The kids haven't liked hardly anything I have made so far, but they still have to eat it cuz there is nothing else:) I am going to have to go spend some money and get some produce. We are seriously lacking in that area. You are making some good lookin meals.

  2. The green makes your dish colorful doll! and it looks yummy! Once again my stomach is growling ;) then again, it's almost lunch time here! We just stocked up on groceries last weekend, so I am making it a mission to use what we tonight I am making beef stew and rice; usually have it with mashed taters, but we had potatoes the other night =)

  3. It may not be colorful but it still looks yummy!


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