Friday, January 22, 2010

Night out

We are still eating from our pantry but....  Wednesday the 20th we went to the club that we are members of for membership night.  Membership night entails free dinner & drinks (non alcoholic) and games and prizes for club members and their families only.  We do pay monthly dues of $7 a month but twice a month we have free member nights & we can show our card at other facilities and receive 10% off of our purchases.

So we enjoyed our dinner that night of spaghetti, lasagna, salad, corn, mixed veggies, desert and drinks.

My daughters ticket number was called to play deal or no deal.  She was doing great for most of her turn.  Though she wasn't getting help from myself or her day.  Oh no... two of her schoolmates where standing next to her and she was listening to them.  So when mom wanted to tell her to take the $195 deal she never looked my direction.  So dad went up there and tried to tell her to take the $180 deal her schoolmates chimed in no deal and she immediately turned her thumb down!!!  She went all the way down (as adults we knew she wasn't leaving with much).  And ended up leaving with this:

$12!!  :)

We go to these events and our number gets called like once a year.  It never fails that we leave with nothing or something small.  Once I won a box full of plastic cups that were so cheap I left the box on the stage and let the audience take what they wanted.

Next time maybe!!  :)


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