Monday, January 4, 2010

Pantry Challenge Meal Jan 4 2010

I added some more items to my pantry today.  We are on the WIC program for overseas military families & I realized that I still had a months worth of checks that will expire on the 10th.  So I picked up

2 gallons of milk
1 doz eggs
1lb of cheese
1 loaf of bread
1 container of Juice
2 boxes of cereal

I still have one more check to use but I am going to save that one for Friday.  Trying to spread out my last minute oops.

Because school is back in session and DH is back to work breakfast & lunches are do your own.  So today I had some left over corned beef & cake.  :)  yep nutritious.

For dinner:

Baked Tilapia
Brussel Sprouts & sliced sweet potatoes

I am just following the recipe on the bag for the Tilapia, this recipe for the brussel sprouts.

I am a throw what sounds good into the pan cook so my directions might have to be updated after we try this.

DH took this photo  :) 

Brussel Sprouts & Sweet Potatoes


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