Friday, January 1, 2010

Pantry Challenge

We are going to be joining in with Money Saving Mom during her month of pantry challenge.  I don't know if we will have enough in the pantry to go for a full month but we are going to stick it out as long as we can.

The goals I have for us being on the pantry challenge are:
1.  Use what we already have
2.  Eat at home more often
3.  Save some money
4.  eventually after using up our stock we are going to be adjusting our eating habits and moving more towards a vegetarian lifestyle.

I will be buying our dairy products (milk, cheese, eggs & yogurt) & our produce as needed.  I am going to leave it open to eating a meal out once a week.

I can say just by making a quick glance to see what is in the freezer that ground beef is going to be on the menu frequently!  LOL  Oh and I also have 4 BIG cans of pumpkin that will have to make their debut!  This is going to be fun!

For our first dinner in 2010 we are having Yakisoba.  It is a meal that we have come to love while living in Japan.  Super easy to make and is their equivalent of fast food.  We had cheese toasties for lunch.  Thats grilled cheese for the rest of you.

Most of our meals I will post how i make them by updating the post.

Would love to know if you will be participating in the pantry food challenge.



  1. I'll be right along there with you. I will be starting on Monday.

  2. I just had the chance to catch up on some blog reading, and came across your pantry challenge. Excellent idea. I am joining :)


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