Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stranger?? Non tis only me!!

Well I guess I should just let it be known that postings on the weekend or during a long weekend will be rare!  It seems that we are out having so much fun that the last thing I want to do when I return is to open the computer and upload our adventures.  During the week seems like a much better time for this!

I have many many pictures to show you of our backpacking/geocaching adventures this weekend.  I am only going to share a few at a this time.

Shrine  This one is honoring a tree or a flower I can't remember which one.

Hillside clay kiln for firing the pottery.

The pottery shop that uses the kiln.

Vending Drink Machines  (They are everywhere here!!)

A burial Urn   This one is really old.  We found it outside of a museum for historical artifacts relating to the castle nearby.

Walkway leading up towards the castle ruins.

See that small set of stairs in the center?  That leads up to the house located in the top of this structure.

We watched the sunset and the neon light light up.

  We visited some old tombs.

We saw another burial urn this time out in the woods.  Apparently someone couldn't keep their hands to themselves.

One of our hiking trails.

Here is another trail a little bit greener.  :)

The tide was out allowing us to see part of their root system.

My husband making a "cache" find.  See the black box in his hand?  Thats what we were looking for.

Stone steps leading out into the China sea.

Between Saturday & Sunday we spent a combined total of 14 hours backpacking/geocaching.  The weather is warming up here and it is a great time for these activities.  It gets very very hot in the summer making fall, winter & spring the opportune time.

I really hope you will enjoy seeing some of the pictures I have taken on adventures because it will be a main staple for the next several months.  If not then I hope you will grow to like them or at least enjoy seeing the historical pictures.

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  1. Great pictures! Love those vending machines! How much do drinks cost in those machines?


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