Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weekend Absence and a a little fun!

Wowee what a busy weekend we had!

Friday night my husband had an awards ceremony for work at a local Japanese restaurant.  I was having such a good time that I forgot to even get my camera out of my purse!  I have no pictures of the delicious food that we ordered.  But let me just say it was amazing!!!  After the awards ceremony my husband treated me to a movie!  We watched Sherlock Holmes and I really enjoyed it.

Saturday we lounged around early in the morning and decided to spend the afternoon doing a little geocaching.  if you don't know what geocaching is you can either google it or go to www.geocaching.com.  Basically it is a treasure hunt using GPS.  The "treasure" is a cache or container with items inside.  You sign a logbook showing you found it & if you would like to take something from the cache you replace it with something of yours.  My family just loves it!  It also is a great way to see the area where you live or are visiting that you might not normally see.  After having so much fun on Saturday we decided to go for another round on Sunday!

Here are some pictures of our Saturday and Sunday fun!!

We Found a delightful 50's style cafe aptly named 50's Cafe!!

Delicious burger and fries

The adventure begins!!  We are going to climb up to some castle ruins.

The stairs and these were only the beginning!!


Here is my daughter with the first cache find of the day!!

In your face is the name of this cache.  I'm sorry to say that it took us three trips & a look at the hint which told us exactly where it was at before we found it!  LOL  we need to hone our skills.

Here it is right in our face!!!

  We did continue with our pantry meals.  They were nothing special to post a recipe about.  Hamburgers, Spaghetti, Chili & sandwiches.

Slowly we are making our way through our stock of food.  I am finding tons of cans of fruit, cake mixes and several items that were long ago expired (eeeekkk!).

Next week my son is scheduled for surgery so I am going to spend a little time this weekend planning our meals for next week.  Even though he will probably be sleeping and recovering most of the first couple of days I would rather be worrying about him and not what we are having for dinner.



  1. We haven't been caching in months!!! We have been to that cafe. My kids loved looking around at all the stuff they have in there. We are praying for your little one, and the doctors. Miss ya.


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