Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Busy Little Bee

Busy taking care of my family, busy making sure they are eating well, busy making sure they are healthy, clean and cared for.  Busy trying to keep my house clean while clearing it of clutter.  Busy trying to wrap my mind around the fact we will be moving in 1 year.  We will have lived here for 7 years so we've gotten comfortable and collected alot of stuff.

I've also been busy feeling nostalgic for the way things used to be & missing the friends I adore who no longer live near.  I've planted my victory garden and it is doing quite well in this tropical climate.  But I'm reduced to a 4 x 6 plot and I can't help but be wistful for the gardens of my youth.  Huge and full of amazing things.  I'm blessed with what I have and will take it over nothing!  And yes I'm aware that the grass isn't always greener.  :)  I've already harvest my first crop of basil, lemon balm will be next.

I miss my friends who would like to visit over tea just because.  Not because they need something or they feel obligated.  I miss having someone who is as craft minded and will spend days in companionable silence as we work side by side.  I'm slowly working on my husband to join me.  Right I know not the same but he is very creative and he adores me.  As do I to him.  :)

By summer I hope to have transitioned myself to wearing my vintage finds and dresses made from vintage patterns.  I also have patterns for trousers that I can wear while hiking and such.  I only occasionally wear vintage things I fear more out of the desire to not stand out and to fit with the crowd.  But it really has been tugging at me.  And who am I to care what the masses think.  Eventually it will be common place for them to see me.  I plan on wearing my aprons more.  Sewing more for the family, spend less time on the computer.  I very rarely watch tv and even then it is a movie.  I will sit for tea even if it is just for me.  Continue to make homemade dinners and sit down as a family. 

I plan to get rid of things rather than holding onto them because I might need them.  My husband is always telling me we can buy another if I really am that desperate when the time comes.  The hoarder in me cringes.  LOL  but these things are holding me back and stressing me out.

I'm not getting any younger.  My birthday is coming up in about 26 days.  If I don't start doing what makes me and my family happy who is going to?  What is that saying?  If not me?  Who?

I bought some vintage finds recently

This is new old stock.  Taken out of the package for the picture.  Plain but that is alright for me.

I also got a vintage 40's redwork pattern in a farmhouse design.  I am hoping to spend some time embroidering this on tea towels and possibly a table cloth.  I found it very charming.

I am watching several other items.  I don't know if I will end up bidding on them or not.  If we move back to the US in a year I am excited to shop thrift and attend estate sales again.  I could definitely reduce my vintage hunting costs!!

I am up very early this morning writing this.  I was blessed to be up and awake when my oldest daughters alarm went off.  I just spent the last 20 minutes chatting with her one on one.  I love these moments.  There isn't any teenage rebellion in these conversations just good old conversation.  I try to sneak in these conversations regularly.  It helps keep the lines of communication going and helps her feel comfortable enough that she can tell me things.  Plus I really just enjoy it!  :)

And for the record (and for fun) I write with a fountain pen because I like the way it looks.  :)

Thank you for stopping by I look forward to seeing you again!  :)


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