Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Enjoying the spring Air

Spring has made it to our little neck of the woods!  Well maybe it has passed us by a little and skipped straight to summer.  At least that is what the temperature feels like!  I took that picture of the cherry blossoms in Feb.  They have long since turned green.

My garden is in full swing and I even have some lovely beauties growing.  I know I could have made better use of my space but I'm slacking in the organizational department this year.  I have things that I want to plant but don't think I have the room for but I do then I misplace them etc...  That seems to be the story of my life.  We have bees this year!!  Last year we were lucky to have maybe a handful but this year they are out in force!

I'd love to have some of these beauties growing in my garden!

My kids are on spring break this week.  We enjoyed some camping time in a tent this weekend.  A little beach fun for which I promptly forgot my camera.  Why did I buy it if I keep forgetting it!!

We went and played in the maze.  I got lost a couple of times but eventually found my way back.  Moms are just so slow!!  :)

The kids and I are going to pick one day a week to organize & deep clean.  I don't want to cut into their spring break playing time too much so one a day seems good.  We are starting downstairs with the most used rooms.  Usually we start upstairs with the bedrooms but by the time we get done with those we don't want to touch the other rooms!!  LOL   So we will reverse it this time!

By the way you will have noticed that I have sponsored posts on my blog.  I didn't really want to get so far into advertising but I have had to find a way to bring in a little income.  With my vocal cord paralysis issue persisting I can not look for work in a career that I have experience in.  Which is customer service, talking on the phone, sales etc.  So I am trying to come up with little things.  I will try not to overwhelm you with the posts.  Please note that I am giving my honest opinion.  So if in my research for the post I'm not digging it or whatever I will post it.  Thanks for being awesome!

I'll be back again I promise!!  :)



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  1. I wanted to make my kids' Spring Break amazing, but I didn't have Spring Break at the same time and my Spouse is deployed, so we just stuck close to home. I've promised a pretty amazing summer so I better deliever! (Found you via SITS)


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